Precious Spa Retreat Package


3-HOUR (180 MINUTES) $379.00 Per Person / $723.00 Per Couple/Twosome Book Now

  • 15-Min Aroma Bar Selection & Consult
  • 20-Min Dry Cedarwood Sauna & Shower
  • 30-Min Hydrotherapy Treatment, Pools, Reflection Time & Hydrating Snack *(Please bring swim suit).
  • 60-Min Massage Treatment
  • 55-Min Botanical Facial/Foot Combo OR Body Wrap with Scalp Massage *(Please specify at time of booking.)

Hydrating Snack Includes: Coconut Water, Bottled Sparkling Water, Fresh Fruits, Yogurt, Dried Fruits & Nuts

Treatment Extras Include: Chocolates and Spa take-home Gift.

Also included with your Precious Spa Retreat Package is a your favorite selection from our 12 Part Aroma Bar:

12 Part Aroma Bar: Chamomile Bouquet, Empowering Neroli, Maui Sunset High Mountain Lavender, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Love Everlasting, Jasmine Jewel, Rapture in Roses, Night Rainbow, Kings Mountain, Orange Dream, Treasure and the Pearl. (Normally a $20.00 addition per person… INCLUDED with your Package!)

We use Jojoba Body Oil as our base: 100% Certified Organic First-press, unrefined golden liquid jojoba expeller pressed from Jojoba Seeds.

And our Organic Hydrosols grown and distilled here on site!

Body Wrap Choices:

Rehydrating Tropical Wonder Buttercream

Revitalizing Seaweed Wrap

Cooling Aloe & Lavender Wrap

Replenishing Rosehip Seed Oil Wrap

***The Spa Cottage is reserved for your private use for the duration of your retreat time; if you would like to reserve extra time to freshen up prior to departure please let us know and you may either substitute the sauna/shower portion of your retreat or purchase additional retreat time!